Bridging Extremism With A Practical Solution

Mamapride had been in the news very recently with considerable magnitude of response from netizens. While marketing guru will argue that there is no such thing as bad publicity, there is a need to set the record straight to ensure that the philosophy behind this innovation is preserved.

Much has been said with regard to the impact of information and communication technology on the way we perceive things and react to our virtual surrounding. We are witnessing an era where the computer mediated communication is deluding human into forgetting their conscience and civilized persona hence resulting in sarcasm, derogatory and hurtful response and remark. As a result, there is a sense of increasing fragmentation to the fabric of the society with escalating polarization of opinion and belief. In a heterogeneous society like Malaysia, whose access to social media is rapidly transcending every layer of its land, this disparity is being more pronounced now more than ever.

This goes against the spirit and philosophy of Mamapride.

There are many faces of extremism and it all share the same origin, ignorance. The failure to understand resulted in being misunderstood. Further misunderstanding hinder reconciliation and progress. At Mamapride, healthcare professionals gather to generate ideas in order to pave a middle path in this very demanding time. They seek engagement with stakeholders from various perspective besides diverse background. The stakes are high but it has always been the struggle that they were willing to shoulder. To strike the right chords that resonates harmony across religion, ethical, medical and logistic demands.

Their first product, the maternity pant was designed with aim to accommodate modesty for the mother and attending medical staff while at the same time adhere to the highest standard of intrapartum care, allowing necessary monitoring and intervention to the mother and baby. It has undergone a thorough review and revision by obstetricians and midwifery staff. At the moment, it has been approved to be used by women in labor at several hospitals across the country.

Yet, the journey is still far. There are still many hurdles to get through but Mamapride is willing to face it all with its strides. There are many ways one can choose to live this life, one can be part of the problem or make some effort and try the best to be part of the solution.